Year Grade 5 and 6

Circle of Courage & The 7 Day 7 Night Challenge

The Scary Guy creates a visual representation of how words have power as Energy and how this is evident as the name-calling, labeling, bullying, and taunting familiar to students in school.

Scary shows Year 5 and 6 students how it is possible to recognize words as negative energy and teaches them how to make a responsible choice about what to do with that energy.

He gives students the Awareness and Understanding skills for how to Respond rather than React. This is a powerful session, which leaves students with the ability to make positive changes in eliminating the Hate, Violence, and Prejudice, as learned behaviors, within their own hearts.

Within this program, Scary will put your students on his 7 Day 7 Night Challenge!

“I was moving some of my belongings to my new home, and came across an autographed picture with your Seven Pledges Oath for Kids, that you gave me back in 1998. I still remember that day you spoke to my Middle School and have repeatedly thought about your message since that day, in numerous social settings (College, Corporate America, relationships, etc.). Thank you for sharing your message, and continuing to teach such a valuable lesson. Thankfully”
– Nate Gosselin, Omaha, Nebraska USA