A Letter From Wendy Brett

Sir John Hunt Community Sports College

Dear Scary Guy,

As a college, our focus is on raising the self-esteem of our young people. We were looking for something powerful, clear and sustainable to achieve that.

We found Scary.

Our whole school programme called Respect needed a kick start at the beginning of the new school year. Scary’s programme did just that!

We met Scary on the Sunday evening, prior to the first shows on Monday. A detailed programme for the week had already been carefully put together with Scary and his team. Immediately that we met I knew that this was going to be a special week.

The first day was the most powerful piece of work I have ever seen presented; our students were listening to this powerful message with tears, laughter and strong thought. We had prepared ourselves for what we thought would happen, but this bore no resemblance to what we were now witnessing before our eyes!

The schedule for the week was packed, with major shows where Scary took all students in every grade through the first two levels of his whole programme. During the week I took Scary on a learning walk around the school campus … he can stop the traffic!!

Scary also did some intense work with individual students in one to one sessions. We selected a group of Year 9 girls who were in an ongoing spiral of negative behaviour. Scary met with them each individually and we placed key members of our management behaviour staff in the session for them to observe the sessions. We found out more as educators in that single hour than all our
multiagency meetings.

By the end of this week, we had students hugging students, students hugging their parents, and parents hugging their teenage children for the first time in years.

So what did our students say? Facebook had thousands of entries directly from the students: awesome, you changed my life, I now know what I need to change about me, thanks, Scary!  The love that radiated through those pages was moving.

We had a community event that Scary presented which was attended by parents, police youth workers, partner schools, governors, and local authority – his visit is definitely impacting beyond the school gates.

We now have the most powerful legacy of our school improvement work on the respect that we could have imagined … it was an emotional, inspirational, challenging, and creative week. We were challenged to think about how we are as humans … not just the children, but all of us.

Scary is returning to us to continue our work.

He has challenged us to think about our words as humans and the power of our incredible minds. It has been a privilege to work with Scary.

Best wishes,


Mrs. W.J Brett
Sir John Hunt Community Sports College

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A Letter From Lucie Cullen

Dear Scary Guy,

I would, from the bottom of my heart, like to thank you for coming and talking to the parents and children of Route 39 in Clovelly. You have shown us all a different way to live our lives and how that will make the world a better place.

I have taken the 7 Day Challenge and will continue to do so for all the 7 days that I walk the earth. I have managed to let go of years of bullying and name calling and can see how the domestic abuse that I and Frankie endured at the hands of an ex-partner has been carried around by us, despite all the counseling we have been through. Frankie and I are working together on your principles moving forward to a brighter and better future.

Lastly a massive thank you for giving me back my beautiful daughter. We chose Route 39 after a disastrous first year of secondary school at our local comprehensive, where Francesca endured bullying on both a verbal and physical level. I had been concerned the damage it had caused would be with her forever…not anymore.

I wanted to come and say goodbye and thank you to yourself and your lovely wife on Friday after the show but was finding it very difficult to keep my emotions in check. To say that a mile down the road I had an emotional outburst would be an understatement…more of a twenty-minute tear and snot fest. The power of words!

Please keep up the good work…peace and love be with you.

Lucie Cullen – Proud mum of Frankie Buckingham, Route 39

Here’s what other people are saying

“I’ve experienced and now better understand so many things since Scary was here.” – Mike Kaplan

“When you gave your talk, one thing really hit me hard, the ‘ignore’ word.”

“It is simply the most important thing I have done since I have been here.”
Hugh Bellamy – Headteacher, George Pindar Community Sports College, Scarborough, UK.

“We have had an outbreak of hugging and there is a much more caring and supportive feel about the school.”
Stuart Mason – Head Teacher, Aireville School, Skipton, UK.

“It’s great news that Scary Guy is coming to our schools … he is welcome anytime in our city.”
Councillor Paula Riches – Portsmouth City Council, Portsmouth, UK.

“This innovative approach to tackling anti-social behaviour on our estates will be a good investment.”
Gerry McDougall – Antisocial Behaviour Housing Coordinator, Portsmouth, UK.

“To see the effect you had on our boys has made my work worthwhile and given me hope for our future.”
Tony Jones – School Mentor, Cardinal Heenan School, Liverpool, UK.

I have never had so many kids talk, discuss, hug, and laugh so much following an assembly.”
Dave Wells – Principal, Yuma High School. Yuma, Colorado, USA.

“Scary Guy has changed my life for the better and I thank him with all my heart.”
Craig – Year 11 Student, Hartlepool, UK

“It was awesome, truly something that has opened our eyes and helped us all understand the basic rules of kindness!”
Kloe – High School Ambassador, trained on the KidsVisionHeart Ambassador Programme, Scarborough, UK

“You have opened a door for me by helping me to teach others. I think that it is really amazing and thank you for opening that door for me.” Chloe – Student, Scalby School, Scarborough, UK

“When you did an assembly at my school, and I saw you for the first time, I was amazed! I really didn’t expect you to have that big an impact on my thoughts.” Abigail – Student, Scalby School, Scarborough, UK

“As the night shift lead Manager I have seen what a difference you have made in our workplace.”
Steven Wulff – Labconco Corporation, Kansas City, Missouri, USA

“I debriefed my students in more detail today and they confirmed my own impressions: your message resonated with everyone.”
Barry Goldman – Assistant Professor, Management & Policy, The University of Arizona, USA

“After experiencing your initial presentation at one of our distribution centers, we thought we were prepared for the impact you’d have on our next group. Again, you far surpassed our expectations.”
Tina Mickelberg – Training & Development Manager, Dayton’s Distribution Centers, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA

“The fact that almost the entire room of 100 stayed past the end time of the presentation to ask questions is truly a testament to the quality of your program and the message you sent to our division members.”
Paula Penning – Chairperson of Division Diversity, D3M Occupational Health and Environmental Safety Division, USA

“We appreciate all you have done for children across the United States and your continued dedication to spreading the message of love and acceptance.” Teri Page – Arizona Supreme Court, Dependent Children’s Services Division, Arizona, USA. 

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