Key Personal Training

Key Personal Training™

 ~ a personal consultation with The Scary Guy.

  • Would you like to;
  • maximize your capacity for effective communication?
  • increase your personal focus and direction?
  • become fully self-confident in all of your words and actions?
  • Are you facing issues of;
  • name-calling, harassment, intimidation, and bullying?
  • negativity at your workplace from others around you?
  • suffering from childhood bullying as an adult?
  • being a target of continual abuse and harassment at school?
  • a teen that has had trouble with self-harming?
  • conflict or stress?


Whatever your personal situation or the context for issues that you are facing, a one to one consultation with Scary will provide you with a powerful structure for self-improvement and clarity. Whether it is to aid you in the workplace, school or home, Key Personal Training with Scary will set you on the right track with the right tools for you to achieve personal peace and success on a daily basis.

The Key Personal Training Session requires approximately 2-4 hours to deliver.

Training sessions can be delivered online, via Skype or in person.

To enquire further and talk with us about your options, or to book your Key Personal Training session with The Scary Guy please complete the Request Scary Now form on this page.

**All inquiries for persons younger than 18, must be made by an adult representative.

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What people are saying about their Key Personal Training

“I’m excited about what I’ve learned, and about who I am becoming!!!”

“My parents and friends are amazed at the change I’ve gone through and that I’m so much more beaming and bright and smiling than before – You’ve bloomed! – they said!”

“It’s amazing how easy life can be, and how fun!”

“My Key is used on a daily basis – lots has happened this year and I am still on a huge learning curve, but I am being true to myself.”