“Respect comes from within the individual, based on that person’s true Awareness and Understanding of their own behaviour.” The Scary Guy

The Scary Guy has developed a series of transformational Corporate Training Programs covering the 4 key stages of emotional intelligence development that he has identified and been teaching worldwide over the past 20 years.

In this series of training programs, The Scary Guy turns group members into natural leaders through a process of self-discovery, from where each person can realize their full potential to make an immediate and dynamic difference in their personal life and work environment.


The first phase of Scary’s corporate training brings all participants to the same level of Awareness as to how everybody is involved, at some level, in the transfer of negative energy in the form of words and non-verbal communication.

The Awareness step focuses on raising each individual’s personal knowledge of how words and non-verbal communication (looks, actions, and body language) are all energy: energy that we are each surrounded by daily. We all make multiple choices every minute of every day as to how we each use that energy in our communication and interactions.

This first training series enables each individual to become cognitive of their own interaction with others around them, allowing them the opportunity to become fully aware of the dynamics and impact of how they are using their words as energy to communicate. In the process, they will gain a clear knowledge of what they are doing with all that they see and hear.


In this second phase, The Scary Guy illustrates the truth of how negative energy operates as a continuous cycle, transferred from person to person as a learned behaviour. As Scary highlights the destructive impact of this cycle in the workplace, you may recognize how such exchanges have become an unchallenged and pervasive day-to-day familiarity.

Within this phase of training, each individual is opened up to the cognitive process of choice!  They are shown how to actively choose to process all words and actions rather than continue to accept everything they see and hear and remain locked in a position of reaction, struggle and conflict.


In the third step, Scary exposes the reality of the processes involved in the creation of  “anger” and the fallacy of  “stress”.  He identifies the truth of how words as negative energy can be violent, but when used, are frequently justified as “legitimate defense”.

Scary teaches the practical skills that allow the individual to break this negative cycle, allowing them instead to lead by example, enabling each person to become fully responsible for all of the words and actions as Energy, that they produce.

This session equips everybody ” manager, team player and individual” with the skills to lead the way, in choosing to Respond to the energy, rather than become it, dramatically impacting personal relationships and communication around them.


The fourth stage of Scary’s program delivery gives participants the skills to be able to redirect everything that comes at them that is negative, without becoming that same energy in the process, believing that they are “just defending” themselves.

Each individual is empowered to interact with all people with compassion and understanding, in the full knowledge that they have a choice they can make about the behavior that they will accept and make their own. They are taught how to use a powerful process of identifying the energy and making decisions about the behaviour in the moment that they see or hear it – whilst maintaining love and respect for the person.

“Over half the group admitted they did not believe the topic applied to them and were not comfortable discussing their feelings or relationships with others. The behaviors they exhibited while entering the room were probably sufficient to tell us that; openly grumbling, sitting in the back of the room with arms crossed and eyes rolled back…that is until YOU walked into the room, you connected with their experiences and engaged them as no one else could.”

 Tina Mickelberg  Manager, Training & Development, Dayton’s Distribution Centers, St. Paul, Minnesota, USA