Professional Sports

American writer William Arthur Ward said, “Adversity causes some men to break; others to break records.”

As a sportsman, you can be certain you will face adversity – and not only in the heat of the game. It may operate in your own personal circumstances, or in the dynamics of the team or simply in the sheer scale of the challenge ahead – but for sure, adversity in its many forms will face you!

Will you meet adversity in your sport as a block or an opportunity for your achievement?

The Scary Guy teaches professionals in the field How To Create a Powerful Mind, providing the skills for the individual to match their physical fitness and power with their cognitive prowess – maximizing their capacity to meet adversity and challenge with success.

“ The game of rugby union is as much about the brain as it is about the muscle, and yet invariably teams at local level concentrate almost entirely upon physical fitness and playing routines. Your visit and your message certainly highlighted the value of looking to the cerebral.

That the players responded so well and so thoughtfully underlines the fact that yours is an approach that is ideally suited for what on the face of it are simply gladiatorial confrontations and yet, in reality, rely as much upon conducting oneself in a smart fashion as they do upon the battle.

I have no hesitation whatsoever in saying that you should be using your experience and knowledge to assist men and women involved in the sport to get the very best out of themselves and their team.”

– Peter Weavers, Chairman, Gwernyfed RFC, Talgarth, Wales. UK.