Scary’s Mission

“I believe that nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come” – Victor Hugo 1852

Who is… The Scary GuY™?

The Scary Guy is quite possibly The Most Powerful Agent For Change on the Planet Today!

His sole mission is “The Total Elimination of Hate, Violence and Prejudice Worldwide.”  These were the first words that Scary spoke when he began his mission in 1998. Since that day, Scary has worked with millions of people through television, film, radio, social media, and live shows around the world promoting peace through the teaching of Love and Acceptance of all people. His audience consists of both youth and adults on an individual, community, and society level, unaware of how they are using negative energy to meet their needs.

The Scary Guy contends that prejudice of any ilk undermines the very strength of every person’s right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness by all citizens, regardless of their race, religion, or country of origin. His core, the underlying message is that prejudice and its ill effects on the World’s Community must be combated by every means possible – without becoming negative in the process of achieving this, either on an individual, community or global level.

Scary’s work identifies an enormous cultural and educational void in the upbringing of the World’s children. For years, nations have experienced the relentless growth of  “The World’s Number One Social Disease; Hate, Violence, and Prejudice,” which Scary describes as an insidious disease, polarizing our youth and societies and precluding us from achieving the true potential of our common humanity.

The Scary Guy is a unique entity! He is a real force the “Live” person that a sizeable and growing segment of our youth today hunger for – someone to provide them with believable guidance in this current era of social polarization, brought on by hate, prejudice, and spiraling “non-responsibility-accepting, no-accountability” conduct. His presence shocks people into an awed state of attention. His message is then delivered to a rapt and receptive audience.

“His message is powerful. His delivery is unique. I highly recommend Scary Guy to any group. His appearance, and his important message, won’t soon be forgotten.”
– Rick Lucas. President, The Lucs Group.

What does he do?

The Scary Guy is an expert in determining the root causes of emotional experiences that manifest themselves throughout communication on an individual, group, and global scale.

He is unique in his capacity to reach audiences of all ages and backgrounds and his innovative programs are tailored for all ages and education levels. Scary is a powerful motivational force, inspiring audiences to take pride in themselves, and join him in the reality of “Eliminating Hate, Violence and Prejudice Worldwide”.

He teaches people to understand that they have the power to create change in their own world by taking full responsibility for all of their own behavior in the form of words and actions as Energy.

VisionHeart along with KidsVisionHeart is on the leading edge of a new effort to eliminate hate violence and prejudice – Teaching people how to teach Love and Acceptance, worldwide.

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