“The only way this earth will change is when every man, woman, and child takes an active role in teaching children how to teach Love.” – The Scary Guy 1998

The Scary Guy has a well-established track record for delivering the powerful and effective dynamics for bringing about positive change in behaviors within schools and their communities, worldwide. His Program series spans the full age range of school and college education with programs delivered appropriately to the age group.


Please see the Program specifics for each age group.

YEARS 5 & 6 / GRADES 5 & 6

Scary teaches the cognitive-behavioral skills for people to eliminate the pervasive bully-victim cycle that is becoming increasingly prevalent in our school and social environments today. His teaching offers a tangible solution to the problems of name-calling, anger, hate, and violence.

In direct contrast to many of the current “anti-bullying” philosophies that attempt to separate out the victim and the bully, Scary works on the premise that everybody is involved at some level in producing, receiving or watching negative energy occur in the form of words and actions. In his shows, Scary identifies the underlying behaviors for the negative energy and, ultimately, teaches all people how not to live as a victim of what they see and hear from others without becoming negative or using anger, hate or violence to achieve that.

His programs offer schools a huge opportunity for transition supporting both the staff and student body to move from reactionary learned behavior replacing it with the Awareness and Understanding skills for them to achieve self-responsibility in all of their words and actions. Please see the Case Study with Route 39 Academy.

“I started work at a new school this week and I heard myself repeating words that you
taught me, to kids being bullied. I believe I too can make a difference, like you made a big
one at our school!” – Terri Lowe, High School Teacher, UK

“Phenomenal Lessons – Changing Hearts and Minds”
Invest These Powerful Skills in Your School, Staff, and Students!

Scary defines his shows as “Edutainment!” sharing information that is memorable whilst having fun learning. The topic which he delivers is serious and sometimes hard to hear. Scary skillfully uses humor to break the tension and allows space for the audience to absorb the full impact of this serious message.

The Scary Guy is second to none in his capacity to reach audiences of all ages and backgrounds. His unique blend of a searing and truthful message, combined with serious humor and the tangible solutions he offers is guaranteed to hold every student and teacher spellbound!

“The day was amazing throughout! I have never before seen our pupils (or staff!) so transfixed by a visitor. This is the only way to describe the visit, Awe-Inspiring, Magical and Inspirational.”

– Elaine Idris, Assistant Head, Newfield School and Specialist College, Liverpool.

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