World Peace

The Scary Guy has dedicated his life to teaching people of all walks of life his theories and concepts for how to live in “Awareness, Understanding, Acceptance, and Love™” the four phases of education, theories and concepts that he has developed over the span of his life and lives by in his own actions every day. He teaches people how to become adept at using this knowledge, so that they may teach others into the future to replace the negative behaviors that are here rather than fight them or become them.

“The power to create World Peace resides in each and every one of us a process of creation, from the moment you wake-up until the moment you go to bed at night. It is your power, your choice and your responsibility to create that peace for you in all of your thoughts, words, actions and deeds every day of your life.”
– The Scary Guy 1998

Scary’s mission in life is the total elimination of hate, violence, and prejudice, worldwide. Scary believes that such change on this earth will only occur when every man, woman, and child takes an active role in teaching children how to teach Love, modeled through their own words and actions.

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