Law Enforcement

The Scary Guy is an expert in human communication and behavior modification with well over a decade of experience of working with government, law enforcement services, and military establishments in the UK, USA, and Europe.

The Scary Guy delivers a highly effective series of training programmes that focus on harnessing the emotional intelligence and cognitive capacity of individuals equipping them with the behavior and communication knowledge and skills for them to excel in their field of expertise.

All programme delivery is custom designed with you, to meet the specific needs of your establishment.

In his dynamic and inspirational presentations, The Scary Guy shares information from his Powerful Mind lecture series, designed to equip individuals with core foundation skills that will enable them to flourish as leaders.

“Strong character is the essential quality of great leaders. The leaders of character we develop today will lead our Air Force and our Nation tomorrow, they will change the world!”
– Brig. Gen Richard M. Clark, Commandant of Cadets.