Middle High School and College

There are two core programs that cover four phases in VisionHeart’s full program series.

Program 1. Awareness & Understanding

Prejudice Elimination Circle of Courage Powerful Mind

In this first training show, The Scary Guy brings all in the audience to the full Awareness that everybody is involved in the flow of negative energy in the form of words and actions at some level. Scary shows us that the solution does not lie in finding the bad guy. Instead, he brings all participants to a position of discovering who they truly are from the inside of their life out. In this show, Scary will present the audience with The 7 Day 7 Night Challenge™, a structure through which each individual will begin to examine who he or she is and what he or she is currently doing with everything that they see and hear. This first step is a powerful call to action that will stay with people for a lifetime!

Then showing how all words are energy passed from one human to another, Scary will explore whether people are truly in charge of their own brains or not! Everyone in the audience will learn about the dangers of ignoring words and the power of processing them. Scary will remove the intangibility of words as invisible energy and provide a concrete solution for exactly what to do with them in the moment they hear them. Your students will discover their Power to Choose who they will be in that moment. The information shared in this session will equip all participants with the initial skills for how to create a Powerful Mind.

“I remember the day you visited our secondary school. What a big part of my life that speech has played, It gave me a real push to fulfill my life ambitions which has led to me successfully completing college and going into a career that will lead to me being a very wealthy person!”

– Nathan, Ex Ormesby High School Student. UK.

“Scary, I have remembered everything you said that day. Ever since I heard your speech on how to control my own brain, I’ve used what you taught me a lot.”

– Andrew, Yuma AZ, Detention Centre Student

Program 2. Acceptance & Love

Cognitive Thought Resolution Key Training

In the second training show, Scary teaches how the ultimate solution lies in showing every individual the exact skills on a cognitive thought level for how to become fully Responsible for all they create in their own words and actions as energy so that they are equipped with the capacity and wherewithal to create something different when they are confronted with rotten negative energy no matter who is the source.

Scary presents The Key as a brainpower tool for every individual to use on a personal level. Participants will leave the session with solid-state information that they will be able to draw upon in the heat of conflict. They will discover the ability to no longer become the conflict they are faced with, drawing instead on the strength of a new and different mindset that they have learned to create.

“We are constantly exercising the new behavior (The Key). Normally, he would have screamed back or hit the other child, but he told me that he just stood there and remembered what Scary had told him. The other boy didn’t get the anticipated reaction. This is a big step forward as he opens up now and tells us when he feels hurt.”
– Dagmar, Mother, Plymouth, UK.