Gary Lee

Gary Lee

Director of Operations Worldwide

Gary is a special needs teacher, foster parent, and radio presenter.

Graduating from high school at 18, injury ending his semi-professional football career, Gary spent ten years working in the signage industry followed by globe-trotting travel with the supply of graphics and pit stop installations for the motor racing industry, including for Formula 1.

Although he enjoyed the buzz of travel, he knew that he wanted to do something to help people. He returned to study to acquire counseling and sign language skills with which he worked in Special Needs Departments in both primary and high schools in the UK.

Gary spent several years working in the special needs department at Lea Manor High School in Luton, the UK where he also continued his study and gained an in-depth knowledge of the Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Following this, Gary was invited to work at a new department based at Cambridge College teaching adults who needed help and support to return to education and also those with specific learning needs such as dyslexia and Asperger’s Syndrome.

Gary first began his career on the radio at high school, presenting on his local hospital radio station. His natural skill and interest in this entertainment format led him to work as a sports announcer for various sports events, including a basketball commentator for NTL Cable TV. On the radio, Gary presented a variety of UK shows on regional stations including Diverse FM in Luton, Biggles FM in Biggleswade, and currently for Black Cat Radio in St. Neots.

It was whilst presenting his show for Biggles FM The Number 42, a show looking for the answers to life, the universe, and everything! – that Gary first heard about The Scary Guy. In 2002 he invited Scary on his show and, realizing the importance of his message and wanting to know why Scary had not yet presented in Britain, Gary arranged Scary’s first visit to a UK high school.

Today, Gary is responsible for managing and scheduling all of Scary’s bookings worldwide. He is also co-host and producer with Scary of The Scary Guy Radio Show.