European School Rhein-Main Germany

Dear Scary Guy,

I really enjoyed your performance. It shows kids not to bully in a fun and interesting way. I loved how you walked around and let volunteers come up to the stage. I think that not one kid was disappointed with your performance. I love how you don’t care about how other people think about you. You remind me of my brother he dresses how he likes and does not care what people think about him. Both of you are individuals in a very special way.

Thank you for visiting our school.Since you left our school is already a better place and I can bet that Mrs.Grant does not have as many visitors as before you visited our school. You really influenced on our school. We are working to be a KIVA school and your performance was the first step to one. thank you again for visiting our school and teaching us not to change but to use the nice and helpful part of us. 

Love your biggest fan,

Madeleine from the
European School Rhein-Main (Germany)

I love you Tim

Yesterday was my brother Tim’s celebration of his life. They will lay him to rest in Tucson Arizona. I love you, Tim.






TONIGHT’S FULL MOON Grandmother Moon rises to her fullness, She reminds us to ground into who we are & to remember how important our presence is in the continuum of our lives as we savor the moments that flow. Our ancestors from beyond the veil root for us to remember, to wake up to our lives & the gifts that we each have. You have a chance to bring through the veils a part of your soul that can help you on this next stage of your journey. This Full Moon is forcing you to look at where you ignored your creative voice & abandoned yourself, in the face of opposition. Let her help you honor those places in you that mourn for what never was or what can no longer be, and then move on to the wisdom that comes from letting go of those feelings so you can get on with Life. Be open to new and different relationships but even more important, wake up to your own power and self-worth. Life is short but truly sacred.