Additional Programs


All program delivery includes a complementary staff training session to support the school staff in understanding the core concepts and theories presented in the programs. This foundation training will help to guide and direct teachers as to how they can best harness the information Scary shares in their day to day work in the classroom and in their direct interactions with students.


All 3 day+ program delivery includes a complimentary evening event to showcase the skills and concepts being introduced into the school to parents and the wider school community. This training provides an overview of the programs, theories, and concepts delivered in the school. It serves to guide and direct parents and the community as to how they can best harness the information in their day-to-day role as parents and role models, encouraging them to contribute and support their children in using the program.


Advanced Staff Training Programs are designed specifically to assist schools and colleges to develop a powerful core behavior management team within their school. Individuals and/or selected staff teams receive advance training to equip them with effective behavior transition skills.


“Kids With Vision Will Change The World With Their Hearts”
– The Scary Guy 1998

Scary teaches by this code; believing and investing trust in the capacity of our children to teach and lead others by their own example. Scary’s KidsVisionHeart Ambassador Teacher program is a framework designed to enable high school students to become leaders of their peers through the practical experience of teaching. Once they are trained to teach a 60-minute lesson based on the theories and concepts that Scary presents in his Primary School Show, the High School Ambassador Teachers teach and lead in the primary school classroom!

“One of the best programs I have seen to prepare our students for high school and to
support Year 6 to Year 7 transition!”
– M. Massey, Deputy Head Teacher, Parrenthorn HighSchool, Bury, UK.


The Scary Guy offers powerful intervention sessions through one-to-one work with individual students who may be struggling with issues of anger, low self-worth, self-harm, tagged as the victim or the bully, disengaged or facing exclusion. Attended by parents and key school staff, these sessions provide the individual with a personal framework for change.


Parents are invited back to class in this program! Scary presents ideas and strategies specifically for parents to use to work with their children at home. He outlines effective ways that parents can support and empower the emotional well being of their children when they are faced with issues of name-calling, bullying, hurt and anger.