VisionHeart Limited provides solution based educational curriculum to support all phases of Scary’s live appearance programme delivery.

The Scary Guy has devised, developed and defined powerful theories and concepts for the effective management of negative words and actions within human communication and behaviour.

Cathryn Woodhall BA Hons. PGCE DELTA, Director of Curriculum Development
Cathryn Woodhall BA Hons. PGCE DELTA, Director of Curriculum Development

We specifically define our curriculum as solution based because it develops beyond the step of Awareness making of the issues to identify and teach tangible steps that can be taken when faced with negative behaviours and conflict.

The application of Scary’s training focuses on moving individuals from learned reactionary negative behaviours to a responsive mindset, capable of self-resolution in the moment of conflict.

Our VisionHeart Curriculum comprises of a set of Teacher Plan and Notes with Student Worksheets as a series of lessons, which explore and reinforce the theories and concepts presented in each phase of the live programme delivery

Our curriculum material is currently inclusive in the total package cost when booking The Scary Guy for 2 + phases of our full programme series:

Awareness • Understanding • Acceptance • Love™

*Our online International Interactive E-Learning Curriculum is being developed.

Please register your school details on our Contact Form if you wish to be considered as a Beta Test school for our online curriculum at a future date. Please write BETA TEST in the comments box on the form to confirm your interest.