Scary Guy aims to stop kids being nasty

CBBC Newsround, UK

Would this man make you start being nicer to people?

That’s what Scary Guy hopes, and he’s going round Britain’s schools trying to teach people how to be nicer to each other.

He reckons that if people stop judging others the world will be a better place, and the way he looks is an important part of his master plan.

If you see someone covered in tattoos and piercings you’d normally be a bit scared, but if you listen to Scary Guy and think he’s okay afterward, you might not judge people so quickly in the future.

He also asks everyone to stop bullying and name-calling for seven days, because he thinks it’ll make you feel loads better at the end of it.

And according to Scary Guy, it works.

He said some kids he talked to three or four years ago have called him since and said the things he taught them changed their lives.