“Scary – How did you do it? How did you reach 99% of our 230 employees in just 2 hours? You touched a diverse group from Engineers to Sales to Production workers, and at all levels! Thank you for opening our eyes and challenging our thinking – I don’t know how else to put in words the reaction of what took place the day you came.”
– Vanessa A. Human Resources Administrator

VisionHeart’s Mission

VisionHeart is dedicated to eliminating hate, violence and prejudice in corporations and workplaces around the world. We provide the tools for organizations to create this as a reality in their workplace. We believe that each individual has the capacity to interact with all human behaviour with love, compassion and understanding  “even in the face of negative words or actions” without themselves becoming negative in the process.

The learned behaviour prevalent in society today is based in reactionary energy and the belief that the solutions to conflict live outside of ones self. Within the foundation of his training, Scary brings all participants to the same level of awareness, that every person is involved to some degree in the use of words as negative energy for communication, unaware of the cycle in which they participate.

The Scary Guy specializes in teaching those who are repeatedly offending themselves and others, either as individuals, teams or corporate communities. He has 45 years of independent study on the varying behaviors caused by emotional stressors based in zero-emotional intelligence, which are played out at all levels within the multitude of everyday interactions and communications.

VisionHeart delivers core systems and programs to empower the cognitive and emotional health and character of the company, through the empowerment of all individuals within it. Each person is taught to understand the flow of words and non-verbal communication as energy, enabling them to make choices with that knowledge. When you harness the power of each individual’s personal capacity to become responsible for all of their words and actions, you enable them to become a successful, healthy and active contributor, creating growth and development in the company as a whole.

A Sample of our Clients

Military and Law Enforcement

The United States Air Force Joint Base Andrews USAF, Washington DC, USA
The United States Air Force Academy USAFA, Colorado, USA
The United States Air Force in Europe USAF, RAF Lakenheath, UK
The United States of America Air Force Base USAF, Mildenhall, UK
The United States of America Air Force Base USAF, Ramstein Germany
The United States Supreme Court, USA
Blue Springs Police Youth Outreach Unit, USA
Essex Police, UK
Centrex Police Training, UK
Dorset Police, UK
Grampian Police, UK
The United States of America SRO and Dare Programs, USA
Supreme Court Detention Center Training, USA
Arizona Supreme Court Probation Officer Training, USA

Social Services

Minnesota Social Services Association, USA
Association For Supportive Childcare, USA
Rotary International, USA, UK
Housing Consortiums, USA, UK
Parent Teacher’s Association and Parent Teacher’s Organization, USA
Religious Organizations, USA, UK
Social Service Organizations, USA, UK
Northern Housing Consortium, UK
Testway Housing, UK
Drum Housing, UK
Berrybridge Housing, UK
Arcadia Housing Group, UK
Portsmouth City Council, UK
Bury City Council, UK


Pindar PLC
Pindar Graphics
PC World Business
LabConco Corporation


The University of Arizona, USA
The University of New Jersey, USA
Network Rope, Germany
USA – Kindergartens, Middle Schools, High Schools and Colleges
UK  – Primary Schools, High Schools and Colleges
Germany – Primary Schools, High Schools and Colleges